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Lifeantivirus maintains separate refund policies based on the type of plan purchased.

Product/Software Refund:

Due to the nature of the digital distribution of active license codes customer agrees that he will not be provided any refund once the software/Antivirus/product has been delivered to him in email and has been installed in his computer/Laptop and activated on Customer`s PC then it can`t be returned under any circumstances. If the product/license key is provably defective with the manufacturer, we will provide a replacement. The software is available for download before viewing the product/license keys. It is your responsibility to ensure the software is compatible with your system(s) before viewing the product/license key. We generally will provide refunds for purchases that have not viewed the product/license keys if requested within 15 days of purchase. 

Subscription Plan Refund:

For Subscription Plans (Annual or other Unlimited Service Plan periods), refund requests will be honored within the first 15 days of the subscription. Post 15 days, if Lifeantivirus has successfully resolved one or more cases, the Subscription Plan fees may not be fully refundable.

Single-Incident Plan Refunds:

For Single-Incident Plans, Customers will not be refunded any amount that they have paid once their problem is resolved. A used Single-Incident Plan is eligible for a refund if the issue/incident cannot be resolved by our technicians. In this case, refund requests must be made within 7 days of the last interaction with Lifeantivirus and have to write us on before the expiry date mentioned in his plan. If a refund request is not received within 7 days, the Single-Incident Plan will not be honored for a future issue/incident.

Typical issues we cannot resolve (but not limited to this list only)

Hardware Issue – RAM, Hard Disk, Mother Board, Battery, sound card replacement, Cable for PC/Laptop or Printer, BSOD due to overheating, etc. Software – Operating System and Office Products (If CD is Not Available), Paid Antivirus installation (If CD / Key Not available), Financial Software setup, Window Administrator Password / Bios Password Recovery, etc. are not supported.

Phones support.

Gaming Console.

VPN or Domain System Support not covered.

Mail Exchange Support not covered.

IP TV Support or TV internet support not covered

Customer Responsibility:

Co-operate with the Lifeantivirus: We will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide support to customers. Lifeantivirus experience shows that most problems can be resolve as a result of close cooperation between customers and Lifeantivirus. Please listen carefully to the Lifeantivirus support and follow the instructions provided. Customers must confirm that the following conditions are true

Customers agree to notify Lifeantivirus immediately of any unauthorized use of their device or any other breach of security. Lifeantivirus will not be liable for any loss that may incur as a result of someone else using customers’ passwords or devices, either with or without their knowledge.


Customers understand and agree that Lifeantivirus shall under no circumstance be responsible for any lost or corrupted software or data. Lifeantivirus strongly recommends that customers at all times maintain a complete data backup and disaster recovery plan 


Customer will be eligible for refund when any of the following criteria are met for all incident based plans:

  1. The problem is out of the scope of the specific plan.
  2. Customers have all the pre-requisites which were required to resolve the issue and the problem was not resolved till the time account was active.

III. Before 48 hrs after the resolution of the issue and a confirmation from the customer after the issue was last worked upon by Lifeantivirus.

  1. The refund will be processed only after getting a written request by the customer on the email id along with the reason for refund.
  2. In no case, the amount of refund/claim shall exceed the amount subscribed or paid by the customer to Lifeantivirus


No Affiliation / Third-Party Trademarks

We are not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by any manufacturer of the products we sell. We are a separate company that resells products from many manufacturers. All copyrights and trademarks remain legal property of their rightful owner(s)


Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us. Accordingly, we have developed this Policy for you to understand how we collect, use, communicate, and disclose and make use of personal information. We are committed to conducting our business by these principles to ensure that the confidentiality of personal information is protected and maintained.


Changes to this Refund Policy

Lifeantivirus reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to update or otherwise modify this Refund Policy by posting such updates or other modifications at the Refund Policy page on the Website. Any update or other modification shall be effective immediately upon such posting. Accordingly, we encourage you to review this Refund Policy periodically to determine if it has been modified.