Who We Are ?

Lifeantivirus is an online software reseller. We provide advanced and latest software applications and tools to customers from across the globe. We offer these benefits at the most affordable rate. Also, our 24x7 customer support service is second to none. We ensure that our customers always keep a smile before and after buying from us. We have a team of experienced programmers, coding experts, and software engineers who are highly professional and expert at handling and resolving technical queries at their first contact with us. 

Our constant technical and online support system is ensured by way of telephonic support and an online chatting system. Also, we provide email and chat assistance whenever the other two methods don’t work. In a way, we are always ready to resolve our clients’ queries and concerns.

Lifeantivirus Office

Lifeantivirus sell advanced software applications and programs. Plus, we also have a dedicated team to provide on-time services at any stage of installation. In case of any trouble, our team also provide advanced remote computer assistance. 

At every stage, we maintained strict data protection and privacy guidelines framed by the law. Our range of software tools involves some of the best antivirus, internet security, clean-up tools, operating systems and MS Office.

We provide maximum satisfaction to our customers when it comes to online threats and PC performance. 

What are you waiting for? For any technical support or pre-sales inquiry, call us today at  (636) 285-8100, (888)346-8483. We would be happy to assist.