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With the rampant surge in cases of online frauds, PC hacking attempts, and virus-infected files, an anti-malware tool is extremely important. Every other thing can wait. If you recently bought a system or you have been using one without any anti-malware tool installed in the device, then you are taking a big risk.

Malware doesn’t only corrupt your files but can go on to hack sensitive data as well, including your email account and online banking credentials for fraudulent purposes. What’s the remedy? Only a quality anti-malware tool can prevent that. So you can try an effective and quality Spyware and Malware Removal tool now.

Why Auslogics Anti-Malware Tool? 

  • Detects and destroys spyware, malware, and complex ransomware.
  • Verify the genuineness of your email attachments and other files before you download.
  • Opt for its auto-scan function to improve PC Performance.
  • This tool works best on your Windows-compatible devices and PC.
  • Receive real-time protection and security updates.
  • It has a robust firewall to prevent online hacking.

Yes. Install and try its services

Auslogics anti-malware tool comes with real-time security protection to auto-scan all files within a few seconds. It acts as a shield looking into several security aspects relating to your PC health. The application boosts up your PC performance by removing unwanted programs. Moreover, the tool’s simplistic design and innovative look make it your best choice for an antimalware removal tool.

The software automatically updates itself with the latest security patches from time to time. Its auto virus detection/ destruction feature starts working immediately after installation. Once you integrate the tool into your PC’s C drive, it works on its own depending upon the situation without any external command.

Remote Access Disabled

The most remarkable feature of the Auslogics Anti-malware tool is it’s auto-blocking of remote access. Once the software detects any suspicious remote hacking attempt, it blocks all access to that server or device. The tool acts as your PC’s safety valve to keep its windows library and control panel safe and secure. 

Compatible Operating Systems

  • Windows – 10/ 8/ 7
  • Mac OS 10.10 or advanced
  • Android 5.0+
  • iOS 10.3 or advanced
  • Language Support: English and others

Install Anti-malware Tool for Real-time PC protection

More than 90% of viruses sneak into your system by clicking on infected links. It creates a backdoor for hackers to steal essential data from your system without your knowledge and consent. Hackers are working all the time to leverage PC vulnerabilities in their favor.  Act now. Don’t let your PC act as a pawn or conduit for the fulfillment of hacker’s obnoxious aims. With a single installation, you can defend your device from highly complex and harmful malware, adware, Trojans, ransomware, and spyware.



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